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Heating & Air Conditioning Service



Larson Heating & Cooling will make your residential gas or oil furnace run smoothly and efficiently to create the warmth your home needs. Expect quick repairs and maintenance with our extensive stock of parts for many brands of furnaces easily accessible from our shop located in Weston. Since 1983, Ron has become an expert about all the best ways to keep your furnace working at its peak performance.

Larson Heating & Cooling will check:

 •  Burners (Gas & Oil)

 •  Heat Exchangers

 •  Fan & Ignition Switches

 •  Exhaust Pipes

 •  Filters & Air Cleaners

 •  Humidifiers

 •  Ductwork



Air conditioning units for homes in humid areas like ours make our brief summer weather much more enjoyable. It is recommended to yearly flush dirt and obstructions from coils and the drains at the start of each cooling season. Changes in the amount of cold air produced by your unit could also indicate airflow or refrigerant charge problems. Call Larson Heating and Cooling for yearly maintenance or for emergency diagnosis or repair. Summer hours exclude weekends and after 5:00 PM. You may leave a message with our 24-hour answering service, and we will get back to you on our next open business day.

Ron Larson will check:

• Ducts

• Drains

• Airflow

• Condensers

• Blowers

• Motors

• Compressors



 •  Dampers

 •  Blowers

 •  Thermostats

 •  Draft Inducers

 •  Condensate Drains & Pumps

 •  Hydronic Systems

 •  Carbon Monoxide Testing

• Fans

• Evaporators

• Coils

• Wiring & Pipes

• Thermostats

• Filters & Air Cleaners